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1. Born on the 13th day
2. In October
3. do the math.
4. 1970, Brother is born
5 - 20. Places I've lived: Long Beach, CA
Portland, OR
Seaside, OR
Rochester, PA
Baker, OR (now called Baker City, OR)
Jackson, MI
Camdenton, MO
Astoria, OR
Manila, Philippines
Aritao, Philippines
Lewis & Clark, OR ("suburb" of Astoria, OR)
Cascade, ID
Darby, MT
Rosalia, WA
Spokane, WA
Oak Harbor, WA
21. Parents are still together (40 years in Aug!)
22. Auntie to 4 neices. (9,7, 4, 3)
23. Was in a traffic jam with George Bush, Sr. in Manila.
24. I didn't know who he was. (he was VP of USA, at the time) We talked about me going to summer camp.
25. I'm 1/4 done with this list!
26. First concert was Michael Johnson (Bluer Than Blue)
27. First tape I owned was Kenny Rogers' Greatest Hits.
28. Thought the line in Lucille was, "400 children & a crop in the field"
29. Missionary Kid (reason for being in the Philippines)
30. First kiss....1st grade, Kevin, hit him afterwards
31. Ears pierced when I was 9.
32. Tonsils out when I was 13. In the Philippines, Dr gave them to me in a prescription bottle along with my adenoids. I donated them to my science class.
33. Appendix out when I was 19. In Portland, OR, didn't get it back.
34. Broken bones: right ankle & right wrist.
35. I don't like my right side.
36. I have a butt-chin. Others call it a cleft-chin.
37. Go to the mall to people watch.
38. People fascinate me.
39. I hate shopping.
40. I lost over 100 lbs on my version of Atkins, "Katkins"
41. Gained it all back, and more.
42. Going back on Katkins, someday.
43. Mom has lost over 100 lbs on Atkins, she's kept it off.
44. I got my sense of humor from my Mom. She doesn't want it back.
45. More than anything else in the world, I love to laugh.
46. I hate to pee when I laugh.
47. I always pee when I laugh.
48. I wear a pad everyday cuz of peeing when I laugh, cough, move.....
49. I use babywipes, instead of toilet paper
50. I'm 1/2 way through this list! YAY!!
51. My feet are freezing.
52. I just ate corndogs.
53. I just drank Diet Twist Up (Wal*Mart brand)
54. I love to read.
55. I love to read big thick books. The thicker the better.
56. I'm gay.
57. Working at a hotel, I pulled a man from a burning room.
58. He set the fire.
59. My head itches.
60. We have 3 cats, Tig,
Lily-Kid & Baby Boy
61. I think Lily-Kid is allergic to cat hair.
62. We have a guinea pig, Bear-Bear
63. We have a roommate who is "militia-minded" He's a whacko.
64. My favorite color is "any color as long as it's blue."
65. I stole that line from my Mom.
66. I love chocolate with almonds.
67. My favorite pizza is Papa Murphy's Cowboy
68. I'm a dork.
69. I hate name-calling.
70. Growing up we had a dog, Gent, that was the grandson of President Ford's dog. Gent didn't care.
71. I graduated from Bible School with an AA in Biblical Theology.
72. I'm anti-antigay...2 negatives, must mean I am pro gay.
73. I'm racist against racists.
74. Stupid people make me sad.
75. I'm 3/4 of my way through this list!
76. I have blue eyes.
77. When I'm pissed or sick my eyes turn steel blue.
78. Bad table manners gross me out.
79. I detest being lied to.
80. I used to lie, a lot.
81. I don't lie anymore.
82. We have a black-throated sparrow that can't fly. His name is means Tiggy's Birdie.
83. I think I'm a hoot.
84. I'm good at solving crimes on tv. (it's almost spooky!)
85. I love watching and critiquing commercials.
86. I would make an awesome copy-writer.
87. I am honest about my strengths and my weaknesses.
88. Zoloft & Depo have killed my sex-drive.
89. I like not having a sex-drive.
90. My hair is down to my waist.
91. I hate hair in my face.
92. I could grow a beard, if I didn't shave.
93. I want laser hair removal.
94. Nothing/noone intimidates me.
95. I'm 95% done with this list!
96. When I breathe through my nose it makes a whistling noise, cuz of my allergies.
97. I can't whistle.
98. I love chocolate ice cream and chocolate milk.
99. I'm lactose-intolerant.
100. I wish I had the money to give a prize to everyone who read all 100 Things....that would be cool.
101. I'm over 100% done with this stupid list!

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